Real Estate Project

Real-Estate Project

Client's Goal :- The Goal for the project is to connect different types of user who are related to properties concern and need to buy, sell or rent there property.

Our Contribution :- we completed almost every part of these project. We managed 8 types of roles in this projects which includes Agent, User, Short term Agent, Mortgage Expert, Admin, etc. Here user can add there property , sale there project, book an visit or schedule there visit to other's property and much more.

Conclusion :- Here this web app's main goal is to provide best service who is interested in any type of activities related to properties.

Client: Zee (Malaysian Client)
Project type: Marketing + Ecommerce
Website: Client dont't want to disclose.


Client Satisfied


Increase in Leads


Here biggest challenge is that we have to manage total 8 roles here and we should not merge any type of functionality of any particular role with other role's functionalities.


Here we do the work with very detailing and with great accuracy. We kept the testing team with us as they are looking and testing all the features quicky after it's deployed in testing server. We look after every use-cases of every features from planning stage itself. Here we use Spatie-role permission so that it define role with all the permission. There are many other stuffs also in which we faced challenges like dyanamic property creation, Malayasian payment gateway usage, more than 6 to 7 login screens and registeration screens and much more.


Here client is super happy with our service. They impressed with our services and they find our project accuracy and performance at it's peak. Here all the modules run perfectly. Here design is very light-weight so that it can't load the site too long and still it looks super attractive.

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